Who We Are

Beco was born from a visit to Fernando de Noronha which led to the realization of a dream in 2003. During a visit to Noronha, entrepreneur and artist Silvana Rondelli saw in this paradisiacal scenario the opportunity to not only build a pousada  (charming inn), but to create a special place that could display the beauty of Noronha between four walls. Beco de Noronha started then with only four rooms, but always with the same main goal: Personal and individualized service to guests which has made this pousada a local reference for quality service on the island.


Through our Quality Management Program and our own expectations to constantly try and exceed our quality standards, we are proud to inform potential guests that we have adopted measures to reduce our environmental impact in Noronha. Our solar panel system, the decrease of water and energy consumption and our care towards the destination of our solid waste are actions that serve to spread our philosophy of caring towards our community and the environment.


Affectionately called “Beco” by our clients, this pousada’s six rooms are nature-inspired and personally decorated by Silvana. But Beco de Noronha also has a lounge, an ofuro bath (Japanese deep-seated wooden hot tub), games table, Wi-Fi and much more!


We are advocates of equality, social representativeness and inclusion. We are proud to be Gay-Friendly so this means that lesbians, gays, bisexual, transsexual and transgender guests are more than welcomed here at Beco!


Your pets will also be welcomed with care and safety by us! We are also Pet Friendly so we would like for your little friend to feel at home here.
Because we are considered skilled hosts, we welcome our guests with a tasty local drink and a relaxing feet soak. Immediately upon arrival, one can already feel how pleasant of a stay this will be on the island, which is also considered one of the most incredible places in the world.
We’ll wait for your visit!

Our Beliefs


Our mission is to offer our guests a comfortable, pleasant and peaceful accommodation; and a pleasurable and unique experience presented with personalized service.


Commitment and competence with honesty, transparency and respect for others and towards everything that surrounds us, keeping the disposition and initiative with empathy and flexibility, investing in team work through training and continuous improvement.

Strategic Vision

To be recognized as a company with clear high standards in quality of services, respect for the environment and our community with the participation of a skillful team, committed to overall quality and client satisfaction.


The welcoming island of Fernando de Noronha is a paradise meant for everyone! This is also why Beco de Noronha has half of its rooms adapted to host wheelchair guests with all the comfort and required safety! Our adapted rooms are: Beco Ocre, Beco Rosa and Beco Pistache.

Beco de Noronha13
Specifications of our adapted rooms:
  • Special clothes storage/hanger with height of 143cm;
  • Height of bed: 54cm or 65cm;
  • Width of bathroom door: 86cm;
  • Width of door to the room: 80cm;
  • Sink distance to counter: 70cm and 90cm from floor to sink;
  • Bathroom with support bars, height of 90cm;
  • Mobile shower;
  • Shower chair;
  • Mobile ramps in social areas.

Not only at Beco de Noronha, but various attractions and restaurants on the island are also prepared to appropriately receive wheelchair visitors safely. Within the National Marine Park of Fernando de Noronha, for instance, 4.5km of adapted trails for wheelchairs were built, enabling visitors to reach emblematic post-card viewpoints of the archipelago such as Morro Dois Irmaos (Two Brothers Islands) as well as Mirante da Baia dos Golfinhos (Dolphins Bay Viewpoint). Additionally, bathrooms, snack shops and souvenir shops were also built.


All the infrastructure mentioned above also includes well-trained staff for these special visitors in Noronha. Built above rocks, a platform and a ramp to guide special needs visitors to the beach of Sueste has also been built.

Disabled visitors or those with mobility issues can also count on special wheelchairs and staff to enter the waters of Sueste Beach.

Our Team

Silvana Rondelli

General Manager


Sales and Reservations Coordinator






Operations Coordination

Endorsements and Certifications

Beco de Noronha has won two competitive awards for small and medium companies in Brazil: On the state level, the MPE Brazil by SEBRAE for the tourism sector. Beco has also received TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence, which is given to businesses that have excelled in quality of service.

Prêmio MPE Brasil - Beco de Noronha
Beco de Noronha - Membro FNQ
Trip Advisor - Certificado de Excelência - Beco de Noronha
Pousada Beco de Noronha - LGBT Friendly


Beco de Noronha is located in the neighborhood of Floresta Nova, also known as “Vila das Casas de Madeira” (Village of Wooden Houses). Ten minutes is all it takes to reach Vila dos Remedios (Remedios village) by foot, five minutes to reach the neighborhood of Floresta Velha, and 15 minutes for Vila do Trinta (Trinta Village). One may also walk all the way to the port of the island, Porto Santo Antonio, by taking the main road, known as BR 363, or simply BR. The port is where most nautical activities leave from, such as boat rides and SCUBA dive trips as well as all fishing boats.

Alameda das Acácias, nº 3
Floresta Nova, Fernando de Noronha – PE
CEP: 53.990-000

Testimonials + Friends of Beco

Around these parts our guests are simply known as Friends of Beco! After all, we really want you to feel as comfortable as you feel at home. Therefore you are welcome here to tell us how your stay was; or just to find out what awaits for you at Beco.

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